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Somso CS11 Human Eyeball, Eye Anatomical Model, 2 part (CS 11)


somso anatomic models


Vintage SOMSO Anatomical Model Brain MEDULLA - West Germany, Original, Excellent


Vintage Somso Human Heart Scientific Anatomical Model Anatomy


SOMSO MS1 Median Section Of The Female Pelvis Separates Into 2 Parts tt3


Somso Lumbar Vertebral Column- Anatomical Model 52277


Vintage SOMSO ZoS 57, Equal Cell Division in the Living Cell, Excellent Conditio


SOMSO Medical Grade Human Artificial Skull




Somso AS15/E Torso of Young Man with Head Anatomical Model


Vintage SOMSO AS40 Female Torso with Head Art Anatomical Model


Somso 2 part Deluxe Human Brain Model Anatomical Model BS21


somso Full Size Torso


SOMSO MS45-1 Pelvic, Baby First Stage of Birthing Anatomical Model MS 45-1


SOMSO - QS3/2 Artificial Skull of Child Anatomical Model, 2 part (QS 3/2)


Somso Slipper Animalcule Anatomical Model Biology Model ZoS107 Paramecium


SOMSO Small Torso of Young Man with Head Anatomical Vintage Germany Eames Era


SOMSO MS13 Pelvis Uterus Fetus in Ninth Month of Pregnancy Anatomical Baby Model


SOMSO HS1 Giant Human Heart Anatomical Model without Base 3 parts (HS 1) S01


Vintage Somso BS23-1 Brain Model With Arteries - 9 Parts Anatomical Model


SOMSO - MS1 Median Section of the Female Pelvis Anatomical Model, 2 part (MS 1)


SOMSO QS66-2 Lumbar Spinal Column Model W/ Innervation Anatomical Model QS 66-2


Somso LARYNX Model GS7 GS 7 Anatomical Model


SOMSO HS1 Giant Human Heart Anatomical Model - 3 parts (HS 1)


Somso Birth - Second Stage Pregnancy Stage of Birth Anatomical Model MS45/2


Somso QS64 Lumbar Vertebral Column Anatomical Model Anatomy


SOMSO Female Genital Organs w/ rectum and urinary bladder - 4 parts MS5/1


Somso urinary system Model LS3 Anatomical Model


RARE Somso AS6 Muscular Torso Anatomical Model - Incomplete


SOMSO - KS3 Block Section of Human Skin Anatomical Model (KS 3)


SOMSO AS20 Small Torso Of Young Man With Head - 1/3 Natural Size - 9 Parts


SOMSO AS21 Male Torso with Head - Natural size Anatomical Model


Somso BOS22 Open Collateral Conducting Dicotyle Plant Biology Anatomical Model


Somso MS12 Series Showing Pregnancy Development Models Set of 8 Anatomical Model


SOMSO ES13 Half of the Upper and Lower Human Jaw Anatomical Model (ES 13)


SOMSO - MS1 Median Section Of The Female Pelvis Anatomical Model (MS 1)


SOMSO ZOS107 Paramecium Anatomical Model (ZOS 107)


SOMSO ZoS 100 Water Frog Model Anatomical Model Animal Biology ZoS100